How long does it take to become a real estate inspector in texas?

To become a licensed “professional inspector” in the state of Texas, applicants must complete a total of 194 hours of qualified education (QE). The program is divided into a national and a state part, which can be purchased one at a time. The domestic part must be completed before moving to the state part. The program includes exam preparation and all the textbook materials needed to complete the online courses.

To go from being an apprentice inspector to a licensed real estate inspector, the state gives you 12 months to complete the process. The minimum amount of time to complete the training depends on the candidate. There have been candidates who have completed training and education and have passed the exam within three to four months. The next level to go from Real Estate Inspector to Professional Real Estate Inspector will also vary. Keep in mind that initial education requirements must still be met to obtain a real estate inspector license or a professional real estate inspector.

If you've researched what it takes to become a home inspector in other states, you'll notice that Texas standards are higher than most. The Texas Occupations Code (Real Estate Inspectors), Chapter 1102, Articles 1102 and 303, specifically prohibits an inspector acting in the capacity of inspector and real estate agent in the same transaction. An inspector authorized by TREC can carry out inspections on commercial properties, as long as there is no other law that prohibits doing so (check with the Texas Board of Professional Engineering to determine when a professional engineer's license is required).). Information about the requirements for the apprentice and real estate inspector can be found on the inspector licensing page of the TREC website.

Texas is very proud of its standards, and Texas home inspectors who can start their businesses are rewarded with exceptional earning potential. Under rule 535,221 on advertising for inspectors, an inspector cannot make false or misleading advertising. The AHIT provides approved training for those seeking to become real estate inspectors and professional real estate inspectors. This applies to candidates moving from apprentice inspector to real estate inspector and those who rise to the professional category.

The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions (25 of which are not graded) that cover three main fields or sections that every home inspector should know. The regulation and certification of all home inspectors are overseen and approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission or TREC. To obtain this license, the applicant must be a real estate inspector and meet certain experience and education requirements while working as a real estate inspector and pass an exam. An inspector can work for a buyer or a seller and is required to follow a standard of practice, which provides the minimum standards that an inspector must follow when inspecting a property.

After gaining experience under this supervision and completing certain educational requirements, an apprentice inspector can sit for the exam to become a real estate inspector. When you do, consider that HomeGauge is your one stop shop for finding everything you need to be successful as a home inspector of Texas.

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