Is home inspection a good side business?

As a part-time home inspector, you'll succeed. When it comes to secondary tasks, home inspection offers one of the highest cash returns on your time investment. Organizations such as InterNachi and ICA offer several courses to become certified as a home inspector. In fact, many of the most successful home inspectors come from people-oriented environments, such as the real estate sector.

To succeed and be known among the best home inspectors in Milwaukee, WI, you'll need specific skills and qualities. Of course, you'll have to pay taxes and business expenses (in this blog you'll find information on how much it costs to be a home inspector). Becoming a home inspector is a great option if you want to make a lucrative living as your own boss, enjoying a flexible schedule, spending more time with family and doing the work that matters most to you. Many people choose to become home inspectors because they enjoy the independence and flexibility that comes with the job. If you imagine helmets, tool belts, and safety vests, you may be relieved to know that many home inspectors don't come from the hiring or construction world.

Home inspections usually take three to four hours, and most report writing can be done during the inspection using home inspection reporting software.

Crystal Gores
Crystal Gores

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