Is it worth being a home inspector in texas?

Some argue that one of the worst parts of being a home inspector is driving. According to the FlexJobs survey, 95 percent of workers want some type of remote work, either hybrid or fully remote. For Wells, the real estate aspect also makes his career as a home inspector entertaining and inspiring. Training to be a home inspector is exciting; however, succeeding as a small business owner can be something else.

Many entrepreneurs and construction enthusiasts looking for employment consider a career as a home inspector. By counting how many hours a week home inspectors work, driving can affect predictable schedules. Inspectors report on their findings to help customers make more informed decisions about buying and selling homes. We asked these professionals what advice they would give to potential home inspectors and where they often see new inspectors failing. From the competitive nature to physical demands, learning opportunities and variety, there are many variables to weigh when deciding if a home inspector is a good profession.

Being a home inspector involves having to work hard to inspect roofs and inspect mezzanines, withstand outdoor snow and deal with heat during an attic inspection.

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